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Best server in SWTOR

I'm going to play SWTOR with my wife. She only has about 4-6 hours per  week for gaming, so I thought this would be a good game for us. My main games now are LOTRO and Vanguard, but I think those are a bit complicated for the short amount of play time we have together.


I have been trying out the different servers, but I want to get some input from the community of people playing SWTOR now since it's gone ftp and the servers have been merged. My main was on a pvp server and is not on The Bastion. It's a 44 Sith Warrior. I wish I could transfer him over to a pve server, but that service is not available. Anyway, I will re-roll either on The Harbinger (pve) or Bergeron Colony (rp).


I don't want to deal with pvp when I play with my wife. I just want to to chill and do pve. I checked out The Harbinger in the both Empire starter areas of Hutta and Korriban and they were major dens of scum and villainly. I know starter areas in certain games tend to be that way. It was really nasty. I did group and it was not a pleasant experience.  Felt like I was playing with immature kids. But I don't know how the community is at higher levels or what the guild scene is like. Anyone playing on The Harbinger? I'd like to hear how it is. About 200 people on Korriban when I played.


We are not much into RP, but I think that Bergeron Colony was much tamer in the starter areas and it was easier to group with and cooperate with others. The population was lower, but still busy. About 60 people on Korriban when I played. I think that density was better than the zoo in the starter areas of The Harbinger. Anyone playing on BC and how is the community and guild scene there at higher levels?


Also, if you're on The Bastion, I'd like to hear from you, too. I don't want to put up with ganking, really. 


We'd like one of these West Coast servers since we are playing from North Asia, so we getter ping there than to the East Coast or Australian servers.


  • TigasnakeTigasnake Philadelphia, PAPosts: 33Member
    I've found that the atmosphere of an RP server is more immersive than a PvE server.  You also have the chance to experiece player-generated content going on around you.  I'm from Jung Ma, and it's still pretty awesome to swing by Nar Shaddaa's cantina while questing and see people RP'ing away.
  • PWN_FACEPWN_FACE SeoulPosts: 670Member

    So far I've found my random grouping experiences much better on the RP server at this low level. I've made it to 13. I'm sure at higher levels and in guilds, the groups are fine on any server. It's just that starting out is an important time to get the feel for the community. I think the RP server I'm on is pretty good, as well.

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