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Online Golf Game in beta

StridarStridar Dallas, TXPosts: 134Member Uncommon

Been playing a online golf game for about 3 weeks now. Pretty kickin game for being golf. It's part RPG in that your golf characters levels up and gets stats to raise to become a better golfer. Like all RPG's though you really suck to begin with. But by level 10 you've made huge improvement to your game, at lvl 23 now and I'm kicking some butt.

As in all RPG's there is money you win playing to buy new cloth's or clubs. The company of the game also has tournaments to enter where they give away real prizes to the winner. One just ended last week and the top winner in the 30+ class won a brand new Graphics card! That's awesome to win pc stuff from games. 1st place in lvl 11-30 won a 1gig USB memory card and 1st place for 1-11 won a MP3 player. Lots of other players got ingame money for just playing in the tourney. I won 100k which almost doubled my money.

You guys should give it a try. Oh yea did I mention that it's totaly free still? So yea some dude just won a graphics card from playing a game for free. Who doesn't want to do that?

Head over to to register and download the game.


I've been spending alot of time on the practices courses lately honing my skill.  I'm dieing to win a tourny to get free computer gear for playing games.  That' just to good to not try and do.


  • ArmorDillianArmorDillian FurulundPosts: 275Member Uncommon

    is this something new,   developers trying to convince people to play the games they makin..


    Anyhow,  Im sick of it,  these crap golf shit is flooding all the boards I read...I was thinking when I saw the game for the first time I should give it a try   but now,  they may burn in hell



    Sorry for my english !

  • StridarStridar Dallas, TXPosts: 134Member Uncommon
    Sorry bud I'm not a Developer.  I'm posting here because this is a forum for open beta's.  This game is a open beta and not a lot of people know about the game.  It's something different then every other hack and slash currently out. There is a Golf club that I'm part of there, sort of like a guild/clan.  And we decided to post on different boards to alert people of the game so that we have more people to play the game with.  Playing 18 holes by yourself isnt fun.  If you that narrow minded and don't wanna give it a try then don't.  To be honest the fewer people that play it the better chance I have of winning so nice loots in the next tourny. 
  • phanatxphanatx Dover, NHPosts: 41Member Common

    Ive been playing this game since december, and the lack of people willing to try it out is disturbing. Its peole like the 2nd reply that knock games without trying them that make it hard to recruit people to even dload this game.

    This is probably the best written beta that is out there. There are very few bugs, and the game play is just about flawless. If you want a change from killing goblins, gophers, pheasants, etc, comeon over to this game and give it a try.. you might find it appealing.

    While yer at it, also visit and check out the forums, its full of tips and hints on how to play better. We have over 200 people visiting the forums with a TON of experienced players willing to help you get started, not to mention our own TeamSpeak server..

    Try it out.... it will be worth your time.

    aka Marna_Shanksalot, SOPC member, MMORPG addict...

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