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LF info about raiding

HopeseekerHopeseeker Washington, WAPosts: 19Member

Hello I'm interested in this game and doing some research I found out the endgame and gear progression is mostly done through raiding.

So I have some questions:

1)Can you completely skip the 20 Men Raids and still get the best possible loot in the game? Do the 10 Men raids offer loot of equal strength or not?

2)How much time does it take to find people for the Raid you want to do?

3)How long can a Raid of average length take to finish, with a group of average skilled/geared people?

I am asking these questions because currently I don't have a lot of time to spend on games, but still would like to enjoy Rift and get the best possible loot.


  • HopeseekerHopeseeker Washington, WAPosts: 19Member

    I have found an answer to almost everything I have asked. Still bugs me how exactly is the 20 Men Raid gear superior compared to the 10 Men Raid (oh wait it's called "Sliver", right?)gear.
    And what do you need to do to get a hypotetic full set of this incredible 20 Men gear.
    I have understood there are Tokens items you loot from every boss, and from what I have understood everyone in the group gets them. What I don't understand is why, if the Token Item you get from 10 Men Raids and 20 Men Raids are the same, the Gear from 20 Men Raids is still superior.
    Is there maybe another kind of Token Item I'm not taking in consideration? Or particular looted gear you need to roll for and that only drops from 20 Mens? Or maybe all depends on these "Hearts of Crucia/Regulos" someone has talked about. By the way do you have to roll to aquire these hearts (Wow's Head of Onyxia-style, Aion's Omega's Fragment-style), or everyone gets it like the Token thingies?

  • Kayn33Kayn33 mammt, MEPosts: 20Member

    Very late but for whoever else may wonder about raids:

    10m gear is not "worse" than 20m gear. They're meant to be done together, as some of the Best in Slot(BiS) gear is from 10m raids for some classes.

    The tokens you get(3x each 10m boss, 4x each 20m boss iirc) will let you buy the tier set, which is one and only. 

    So basically, the progression is 10m -> 20m(two of these atm). You gather up tokens(slowly, a full 10m clear is 12 tokens if I'm not mistaken, major set items require 175, minor 91), get gear drops, and make your gear set (usually a mix of tier and dropped gear).

    Doing only 10m will not give you access to a full loot table, for example there is no dps rogue ranged weapon from 10m, or cleric healer/dps mainhand, so you'll want to do both to get your BiS gear.

    Hearts drop from the endbosses in the 20m, 1 per boss, and are used to craft/upgrade epic(purple) raid gear to relic(orange) raid gear.

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