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ESO Character Creation/Customization

Peters64sPeters64s Ridgewood, NYPosts: 5Member
There has been a lot of information constantly being released from Zenimax Online Studios but there is still so much that we are in the dark about. From what has been given out thus far, from screenshots and interviews, it looks like the artwork is playing a huge factor as it has in Skyrim. And, personally, I've gotta say that it looks gorgeous even if it is a little cartoonish. And from what one ESO Alpha participant commented, the screenshots don't do the game any justice as the graphics are 10 times better than what we are currently being shown. If the characters look a little dumbed down as well, compared to the realistic Skyrim scenery, it's due to the fact that during PvP wars in Cyrodiil the developers want to make it possible for over 200 players to fit onto a computer screen at any one time while at the same time, reducing lag for the players. Now, I'm not sure if this question has been answered already in a previous thread, and if it was then I'm sorry for asking it again, but has anyone heard as to how character customization will work in the beginning of the game? Will it be similar to Skyrim with the multitude of options to alter body size, facial features, etc. I'm aware that most of the customization will take place throughout the game as a player individualizes their style of game play and armor but, simply put, how detailed will the initial character customization be? Like Skyrim, or like WoW?


  • deakondeakon birminghamPosts: 583Member
    I think i heard them say they are making it like your typical tes creator, but as far as know noone has had a play around with it yet so it could be bs
  • Peters64sPeters64s Ridgewood, NYPosts: 5Member

    Thanks for the input deakon, also found some info on this site actually, lol.

    "As I mentioned in the big preview yesterday, the character creation (even in pre-Alpha) is pretty deep and on part with other TES games.  You can tweak and change every facet of the character’s face, as well as the girth and size of their body.  Though you won’t be able to make arms longer, or legs disproportionate, you can make a fat Argonian if it pleases you. Rejoice!  Though we’re told there will be more options in time, the one area that was limited was the hair. Just not many styles early on, and though many of us will wind up with helmets, don’t forget the RP-folk!  After you’ve got the looks just right, you pick your first name and surname (or just the former if you prefer) and off you go.  Once you get to actually playing and leveling… that’s where things get deep."

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