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Few questions about faction system & crafting in AA

ragz45ragz45 Posts: 786Member Uncommon
  1. From what I understand there are two starting factions & a 3rd pirate faction people can join later in the game.  If this is indeed how the factions work.  Can factions A and B attack anyone they want at any time?  Or is that regulated for the 3rd Pirate faction only?
  2. What is to stop every PvP player from joining the Pirates faction, and thus overbalancing the other two populations by a great margin?
  3. Can people that join the Pirate's create player housing?
  4. How important is the crafting in AA?  Is ALL gear from crafting?  Or is the best gear from dungeons, similar to WoW and other games?


  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon

    Faction 'A' can attack 'A', but will earn Karma (Crime points).

    Faction 'A' can attack 'B' or the 'Pirates' without penalty.


    What is to stop the Pirates from becoming overloaded? Nothing directly, but housing on the Pirate isle is limited and Pirates cannot claim land or build castles on the Northern continent. So they can be a spoiler, and siege a castle, destroying what others have built but never get to own one of their own.


    While world bosses drop good gear, and unique looking gear, it isn't the 'best'. The dungeon instances are there more to shut people up that wanted them. The consensus is the loot, coin and XP from them is meh at best. Fun for a diversion, but no real reason to farm.

    Unlike say WoW where a set of raid gear made a player god-like, AA is a bit less gear dependent, a Grey random mob drop was mentioned to be a 0.75 factor of a base crafted item which was 1.0, a mid range hit 1.55 and the top of the line was 1.75. So a sword listed as 10-20 damage as a White, would only be 17-35 as a top end. The post listing that showed 12 grades of quality. The boss drops seen in some of the vids/SS were all like 7th on the scale.

    TL:DR - Crafting will be mandatory if you want the GOOD stuff. But gear alone won't make you ubba!


    Alchemy can create enhancement items to raise base damage, resistance, speeds, crits rate, crit damage... etc... But like 1/3/5%

  • ragz45ragz45 Posts: 786Member Uncommon
    Sweet, thanks for the info!  Exactly what I was looking to find out.
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