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Anyone ever play Tibia?

repsterrepster Westlake, ORPosts: 4Member

I played it once like seven years ago or so... I forget exactly. I wonder how many people still play.

My experiences with the game was quite funny... I managed to reach like level 34 then killed some guy who was a real douche who killed a friend of mine. I then proceeded to get hunted by the douche and his clan and lost four levels, then subscribed to the pay plan so I could hide away on the other island and hunt dragons and got to level 38... Then another group of people started hunting me for some reason and I quit. You definitely needed to form a strong clan to survive in that game. LoL!

Hunting dragons in that game was the funnest thing ever.


The only MMO's I really played for a long time were Ragnarok and Maplestory. Everything else got boring fast.

MMO History > Ragnarok Lv 69 Wizard, Tibia > Lv 38, Runescape > Lv 32 Fishing, Eve Online > Lv 14, Maplestory Lv 147 Evan

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