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mmorpg 'journalism'

ScaryMonkScaryMonk LondonPosts: 97Member

I am frankly sick of bad journalism on this site, for example the latest argument that frankly 'all men are bastards'...

a) it cited some random heresay from a few trolls out of millions of players.  It was so ludicrous it should be laughable but idiots on here take it seriously.   THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM- talk to me, I will explain to you what journalism is.

b) Picking and choosing your evidence to make your point.  On this site I see it over and over again. 

I genuinely thing the guys who run this are too young and too ignorant, they may understand mmo's but they do not understand a structured debate.  And that is their problem, learn it.  


  • ignore_meignore_me Apple Valley, CAPosts: 1,987Member
    Welcome to the internet, where everyone is a rocket scientist with an audience.

    Survivor of the great MMORPG Famine of 2011

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