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Multi-Player Games in General...

Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member

I know it isn't because I am older and I turned into one of those "Get off my lawn!" types, because I enjoy cooperative games. They promote community, unpredictability (Or less of it anyways), etc. But lately?

Let's take FPS games for instance. I purchases Spec Ops: The Line because it was $8 on Steam, and after researching it and watching game footage it looked interesting enough to take a stab at for the price. It's a good game. The Story mode is rather short, but challenging enough...multi-player is real nice. But CRIPES is the game chalked full of hackers.

I just don't get it. WHY cheat? It takes away any challenge and makes you look like a DBag. What fun is there in it? And it's not just this game...they are rampant in nearly every multi-player games there is. It's players that ruin games and make them seem terrible.

For a "Get of my lawn" sounding moment, but to use as example...

When I was in the military and stationed in Washington D.C. there was a guy I was stationed with that got me into PC gaming with EQ. Well, he was also big into Battlefield 1942 (The one out at the time). We'd setup LAN parties with some of the other guys when off duty and break out the pretzel bowls and beer and play all night. Usually about a dozen of us. It was a blast! Actual strategy and teamwork was used. Even when we didn't do the LAN party thing and just me and him sat and played with others we didn't know it was fun.

Now they all seem like urban warfare ADD sugar-fit spray and prays. No teamwork, or little of it anyways, and again...hacking. Sigh...what happened to gaming for simply fun and challenge is all I'm asking. Just seems everywhere you turn there are foul mouthed idiots or cheaters ruining it for everyone else.

/end rant


  • WoodheartWoodheart A GuardaPosts: 8Member

    I can´t even count how many FPS games (especially F2P) I have quitted just because of hackers. At this point I don´t even play those types of games anymore for that very reason, and when I was young I played a lot of Counter-Strike on LAN with friends and it really was a blast.


    Seems the internet isn´t good for everything, huh?

  • 3-4thElf3-4thElf Elftown, MEPosts: 489Member

    Some people write up cheat scripts just to do it. Then they share it to show off how clever they are.

    ... Not that I know anyone like that.

    Then the cheats generally get out of hand in a hurry. Plus the scripts tie in to typically major algorithms within the games so it's virtually impossible to just script them out like game hosts used to do. Punkbuster's a joke any more.

    I guess the answer is peopel cheat because they can. They're never married to just a handful of games anyway, they generally have hundreds at their disposal. So a few minutes installing scripts, a couple hours getting big kill / death ratios, screen cap to show friends later. Then on to the next game.

    Kids these days.

    a yo ho ho

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