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Re-roll to FV back in the day. I still miss you FV.

solochoowookiesolochoowookie Redmond, WAPosts: 46Member Uncommon

Was talking about the day EQ launched the FV hardcore RP server and how awesome it was. 

I wish other MMOs would be that brave.

You, had to reroll. No transfers.

Only one character (none of that “toon” BS..these were characters). That was it, no alts or twinks. You grew this one from zero or went away. Everyone was so broke in those first weeks. If you had banded armor you were the shit.

Limited /yell /shout – no zone wide ‘TRAIN’

Name enforcement. ‘Helicopter McChickenhead’ did not fly. A GM would be on him so fast.

RP players. If you did not RP, they scolded you, would KS you, and chase you off. The FV server was our end of the playground, play kick ball with us or go away.

It is a vintage game now, but man I loved it at one point.

I wish other MMOs would be that brave.

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