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Problems with SweetFX and Guild Wars 2

3thereal3thereal AKRON, OHPosts: 5Member
Has anyone run into the issue where sometimes SweetFX just stops working after closing and reopening the client? I normally have to do a full reboot of my computer for it to work again. Hitting Scroll lock doesn't help, and it's running as administrator. Even tried different compatibility modes for the client. Also tried removing sweetfx, running it, then adding the files back again and rerunning it. Still doesn't work until a reboot.


  • 3thereal3thereal AKRON, OHPosts: 5Member
    If anyone finds this, I ended up discovering the problem was coming from Mumble's directX wrapper. As long as I don't open mumble until AFTER guild wars 2 is open, then everything works fine.
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