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First memory of playing WWIIOnline from back in the glory days

boobitsboobits Cumberland, BCPosts: 27Member

Despite what other say, I did *ONCE* love playing ww2online. I was a day 1 player, in fact I remember joinining an IRC channel  about a week before the game went live where the Rats were giving out beta keys for answering questions. Man...I wanted to win SOOOOOO bad!!! Never did. I remember talking about the game with my boss everyday for MONTHS beforehand about how great it was going to be. Want to drive a tank? Done. Want to fly a fighter? Done. Bomber? Done. on and on.....sooooo much excitement for the launch day. 


For launch day I bought a whole new computer system (worked as a tech) JUST to play this game, took 2 days vacation so I could game my face off. I was one of the *FEW* who actually managed to log in that day...I know...amazing I did!!!! First thing I did was get in that starter German plane (forgot what is now) ME109? Anyways...I took off and was just amazed at the thought of thrashing tanks, planes, and infantry. As I fly I spot a CharB motoring along a field and so I though..hmmmmm what if  I ram him? I tried....failed...died....then couldn't log back in.


those 15-20mins were utter bliss back in the day. So far the mighty have fallen.

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