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EQ2 patch notes, Thu 1/24 Tradeskill writs avail for 91,93.95

NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon


Target casting bars will now clear the spell when they fail to successfully cast. POPULATION / ZONE PROGRESSION
Chardok Queen Velazul will no longer reset if attempted without a group. Wurmbone Crag Greatly reduced the HP on Errlik the Bludgeoner’s gnorgers. His gnorger that casts the Doom Tooth fear is now labeled as “a dooming gnorger” for priority killing. ABILITIES / ALTERNATE ADVANCEMENT
Sorcerer Sanguine Sacrifice should now apply reliably. GUILD HALL AMENITIES
Transport The Magic Carpet to Norrath now includes the Great Divide and Jarsath Wastes destinations. TRADESKILLS Level 91, 93, and 95 tradeskill writs are now available! ITEMS End line Chains of Eternity collection quest rewards have had their quality improved to match the effort of attaining them. They are now Ethereal. Fixed stats on Empowered Chestwrap of the Silver Reaper to be in line with other rare drop breastplates from Drinal. Adornments will pop off of this breastplate, and reforges will be reset with reforge tokens.
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