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So Xoom when's North Africa coming out? Or the Russian Front?

boobitsboobits Cumberland, BCMember Posts: 27

Just wondering if you have an ETA on these. I remember when the game first came out you had to select the "Theatre" you wanted to play in. North Afrika, Pacific (not 100% sure but I seem to remember this option) as well as the Eastern front. 


Just curious.


  • rendusrendus smyrna, TNMember Posts: 327
    I'm waiting for submarines. It shouldn't be long now..
  • boobitsboobits Cumberland, BCMember Posts: 27
    Originally posted by BodkinBarber

    Oh man I can't wait!!! It's only been 10 years..should be DAMN good by now!!!!!

  • XOOM-CRSXOOM-CRS Portland, ORMember Posts: 42 Uncommon
    Over the last decade the original game plan has developed quite a bit. Unfortunately I do not have the exact details to this particular item.
    Cornered Rat Software

  • HodoHodo Raeford, NCMember Posts: 542

    Up until 18months ago I had the original game manual that came with the game CD in the box.   I remember before my forum banning in the Playskool forums I posted a screenshot of everything missing in game that was in the manual, and that was 6 years ago.


    The only thing that has been added that was missing from that list is bailing out of aircraft.  And its not a true bail out system.

    So much crap, so little quality.

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