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Now THIS should be an armybase!

There's some nice oldie videos out there and found one of Dinant castle. Adds so much depth. Imagine if EAB Dinant was a medievil castle with shermans rolling out of stone gates and infantry firing from ramparts, Sigh. We still have the old factory buildings so I dont think people would mind if castles and such were placed a few km's out of towns to add some depth (and maybe some interesting capture points). Would be easy work for an intern.

I think a few stone towers like the one at Brussels dotted around would be quite cool and a little town built in the alps with an airfield so ppl could explore on the beta/training server would be a laugh. Again, intern stuff.


  • david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member

    It's unfortunate that the two well-made bunkers in the most recent version, the air force bunker and the "alamo" complex, aren't the standard. The alamo especially since isolating the bunker from the infantry spawns makes for much more exciting battles.

    Does the Dinant castle still exist? I could've sworn I walked around it not too long ago in 1.34. That's what sucks about the current FRUs, since you cannot place them in buildings you cannot fortify a complex structure like that; at least with the truck-based mobile spawns you could hide the truck in wreckage or wherever you could squeeze the vehicle.

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member

    No the dinant castle no long exists


    its a shame that it isn't in game 

  • Company0Company0 Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 36Member
    If I recall two castles still remain standing, one in Gent and another in Willemstad.
  • mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member

    there is another one in the south of the map 

  • BodkinBarberBodkinBarber BirminghamPosts: 106Member

    Unfortunately the ones at Gent, Willemstead etc are pretty small affairs (they're just a tall building with some stone walls round the outside) in comparison to the big castle at Dinant (as shown in the video). Likewise their placement do not result in fights taking place around them so they are in essense just scenery and an inbulit cap point.


    It would be alot more interesting if even these little castles were placed round the map on the locations of historical fortresses (just like the 'Paris Tree' is placed at the real world location of Paris) as Belguim and Northern France were full of forts and castles e.g. the forts around verdun.

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