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Pirate101: Tribal Crew Pack Giveaway!

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KingsIsle just released the new Tribal Crew Pack in Pirate101. To celebrate, we’re giving away 10,000 codes good for one of 10 random items from the pack -- if you're really lucky, your code could even score you a free Tribal Crew Pack itself! More information about the Tribal Crew pack can be found here:

Code grants 1 (one) of several possible items, including:

  • Aztecosaur Throne (Housing Decoration)

  • Priest King Statue (Housing Decoration)

  • Companion Training Tome (1 free companion training point)

  • Aztecosaur Cube (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Aztecosaur Charm (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Ceremonial Arch (Housing Decoration)

  • Aztecosaur Symbol (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Troggy Totem (Housing Decoration)

  • Aztecosaur Statue (Housing Decoration)

  • Bone Drake (Pet)

  • Aztecosaur Altar (Housing Decoration)

  • Rare chance for the pack itself.

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