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Pirate101: Tribal Crew Pack Giveaway!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,135Administrator Uncommon

KingsIsle just released the new Tribal Crew Pack in Pirate101. To celebrate, we’re giving away 10,000 codes good for one of 10 random items from the pack -- if you're really lucky, your code could even score you a free Tribal Crew Pack itself! More information about the Tribal Crew pack can be found here:

Code grants 1 (one) of several possible items, including:

  • Aztecosaur Throne (Housing Decoration)

  • Priest King Statue (Housing Decoration)

  • Companion Training Tome (1 free companion training point)

  • Aztecosaur Cube (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Aztecosaur Charm (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Ceremonial Arch (Housing Decoration)

  • Aztecosaur Symbol (Treasure – sells for gold)

  • Troggy Totem (Housing Decoration)

  • Aztecosaur Statue (Housing Decoration)

  • Bone Drake (Pet)

  • Aztecosaur Altar (Housing Decoration)

  • Rare chance for the pack itself.

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  • ShaikeShaike NesherPosts: 301Member Uncommon

    ty ty ty

    i know i am not a child (almost 31 actually) but i so enjoy this game for the last few days....

    Thanks for this :-)

    Just my 2 cents...


    Thanks for the code guys! :)
  • ericknoelericknoel newyork, NYPosts: 1Member

    where is it again

  • ethantaylor8ethantaylor8 charleston, SCPosts: 1Member

    the hame is sooo much fun thanks four putting this up



  • Lmfao1228Lmfao1228 Why, FLPosts: 1Member
     I'm lvl 50 ^-^ i like the game its epic when your in a pvp battle with all high lvls
  • spodel10001LE9spodel10001LE9 arimaPosts: 2Member
    this game rules but i got a lame housing item :p i am lvl 22 buccaneer not a member  never was if its hard to believe check out my channel on YOUTUBE click the link or copy an paste to google or wa ever browser you use  
  • spodel10001LE9spodel10001LE9 arimaPosts: 2Member
    or if it does not work go to Pirate101able on youtube 
  • jackergoadjackergoad las vegas, NVPosts: 1Member

    how do i get the code anyway


  • yaboyjordanyaboyjordan New Orleans, LAPosts: 1Member



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