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having trouble downloading... help please!

cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAPosts: 53Member
every time i try to download the client. i get an "unknown network error" and cant seem to complete the download. and there is no way to start from where i left off either =( ive tried the full download and ive tried to donwload it in peices. both seem to fail.. any ideas as to why? i am using google chrome. also. i have no trouble downloading any other games



  • PyndaPynda Posts: 836Member Uncommon
    Try downloading the individual setup and associated cab files rather than the big, single download. Put them all in a single folder, and then run the setup.exe. Don't worry about the patch files. They will be applied the first time you log on.
  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon
    I would not wonder if you have to pay now for the download ... Oo
  • vanstervanster San jose, CAPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    I have tried like 10 times downloading the big file and the parts in firefox and IE, still get the "there are corrupt files" message during setup.... Why don't companies upload these to mediafire and rapidshare or other mirrors, seems like a perfect thing to use the file lockers for.
  • Temp1234Temp1234 Montreal, QCPosts: 43Member
    snails response to this is treating you like an idiot and hoping you will quielty go away...there is no solution nor even an attempt to address this problem..hell they didnt even bother to translate the tool that was suppose to "help" you check for corrupt files. My guild was initially suppose to pick this up, but unfortunatly not every member was able to get the game installed properly. After a quick search in their forums it was pretty obviouse there was no solution as of yet, it took some people 10 days of constant trial and error to finally complete the download..nevermind the time and bandwidth wasted, the 3 people whom picked up the deluxe edition wasted their money. My entire guild has passed on this game...i suggest you do as well should you encounter this problem.
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