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Notorious Monsters

drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALPosts: 1,816Member Uncommon

Quote Originally Posted by Rukkirii View Post

We’ve been told that there are some very interesting ideas floating around the developer’s room for notorious monster spawn conditions in 2.0! Although, I cannot tell you what they have in store for you just yet (of course, right? ), I hope this information piques your interest. 

There are a lot of great ideas in this thread so far, we would love to hear more of what you would like to see so that we can continue to share your ideas with the dev. team.

This is a Dev post on the lodestone, how would you like this to be implemented?


  • ezpz77ezpz77 Beale, CAPosts: 227Member
    I'm sort of torn on this. As much as I enjoyed camping NM's for hours and hours, it's not something I'd enjoy now. I'd be fine with a one or two hour respawn, but please don't give us 8, 10, 12, 24 hour respawns. Other than that, I don't really care what they do with them. 
  • AlberelAlberel LondonPosts: 1,121Member

    It sounds to me like they're moving away from basic spawn timers and moving towards something with a bit more variety.

    Personally I would love to have NM spawn conditions be unique for each and be more of a complex series of conditions to be met in the area. Have it depend on time of day, require the activation of certain things in the environment by players, require the obtaining of special items... basically make it a time consuming process but put the control in the players' hands rather than just depending on an invisible timer.

    I'm sure the spawning technology used in the guildleves could be used ensure the NM spawns locked to the group that spawned it as well.

    NMs need to feel like a challenge to find as that's part of the fun and what makes them slightly rarer. Just make it depend on more tangible conditions instead of a timer.

  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon
    I'm hoping the NM drops are Ex/Rare, and leave the good tradable stuff to crafters.  This will keep the farmers away from spawn points.
  • Kenshin_HimuraKenshin_Himura Philadelphia, PAPosts: 75Member
    I don't worry about NMs I know there will be many, problem is the drop system FFXIV had in 1.0 was the same like in FFXI which sucked bad. Random drop system sucks bad cause 1 person kills the NM 100 times and has 0 drops and a 2nd person kills NM once and gets drop.  I remember in FFXI I killed Jackedy Eared Jack 200+ times during my 7 years in the game and never saw the drop, so did with the Banshee type mob in king Ranpiers tomb that droped travelers mantle you cant imagine how many times I killed that mob never droped.


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