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Guide to getting the 6 man array.

GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Nada, FLPosts: 576Member

In the age of Wushu there are skills known as arrays, they allow a group to buff themselves beyond what they could normally do, very useful for instance runs and mini challanges. The first array, a 3 man array, will be given to you in your story line quest. The second however is not handed to you....this is my guide to getting the 6 man array.

The 6 man array is essential for running Green Cloud Castle and extremely usefull in Twilight Village if all members have it.


To start with open the cash shop and click buy then pay I am just kidding that would be pay to win. You do however need to be level 21 internal to start this chain of events...or so I have been told I was 22 when I started it.

So if you are level 21 internal then you need to head to Luoyang, a rather quiet city at the moment but it does host the second instance Green Cloud Castle. You will probably need to ride a carriage unless you are Shaolin or Wudang...they are right next door and can just walk if they so choose.


After your long ride to Luoyang you will need to head to the map at coordinates 1077 , 750 in Luoyang. There you will find the distraught Mrs Shi.

Madam Shi will tell you the sad tale of her husbands deaths and then send you out to find three workers who are looking for clues, it doesn't appear to matter what order you talk to them in...they are all idiots anyway so just autopath to each one and have a word in broken english. After speaking to all three and learning nothing it tells you to go see Xiao Bing, the inventor of Microsoft's new search engine, he is a wise man and will tell you that he has found something.

(yes lets find the murder...maybe you meant murderer?)

Anyway directly to the west of Mr Bing you will find Xu the evil murderer..or murder whichever you prefer apparently.

location 1197, 526

There will be a fight, one which you should win since you are appropriately skilled to get this quest.

or not....if you see the black and white screen of death it may be because this guy is hard and immune to many types of pushbacks, my scholar had no trouble here but this time around well....round 2.

For some reason I had to use a lot of potions and herbs but I brought him down.

If you do manage to defeat him a hidden assasin shows up anyway...tosses a bomb on him to keep him quiet and disappears in a cloud of smoke.


The quest guide sends you back to Mrs Shi the Widow, she tells you to go upstairs and find the letters her husband was working on which is pretty easy to do as they glow green and have floating texts above their name.

After you pick up 8 letters, or the same one 8 can go back to Shi and she will tell you to go to green cloud castle and investigate the murders.

You are almost done, it wants you to go to the carter for green cloud, who is at location 611 386..but you can autopath, talk to him form a group of one and go into the instance at 923, 153


just walk a bit up the road till you find the right guy and you are done.

Do not go any further into Green cloud castle by yourself or you will die.


The 6 man array is very powerful and includes an attack you can use in the array, deployment of the array will cut your Twilight Village time in half and I recommend it if you plan to run instances as a guild or dedicated group of me it saves that much time. Good Luck.

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