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Supply wasting is epidemic

I've been playing allies for the last few campaigns and the amount of supply being wasted is horrific. People will drive shermans out of a camped AB or drive into areas full of RPATS. They die then spawn another tank and do all the same.

The game relies on players being selfless and looking after supply but there are so many 'vets' who waste so many tanks then moan when allies are losing the campaign. These players are the kind that really should know better, use your brains and you get more kills.

I really would like to name and shame the allied supply wasters but unfortunately that doesn't do anything as alot of the players that do are 'popular' to many people. If you denounce them they will say "I pay my money, I do what I want". Right, where the hell is the game going to go when the game is all about teamwork. A few years back if you wasted supply yo'd be denounced, now if you denounce them your in the wrong and many honest players have to turn a blind eye as its not a battle we can win.

I remember a member of HC getting annoyed the other night about allies wasting armour on the defence. The general attitude... we're allies this is what we do. It feel like if you want to be a succesful HC on allied side you need to treat the allied playerbase like naughty children, make them 'play nicely' on a AO and when they behave well only then give them the present of armour. When an AO starts without an armour brig it goes better.

*My game name is different to this


  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member

    Same thing happens on Axis side. Tanks just never do well when battles first start because both sides have their supply of anti-tank infantry and the game makes it too easy for infantry to get to tanks.

    Seriously I wish that at minimum the front guns on a tank were AI or if your HUD lid up EI when they were visible through the various view ports or something; tanks were programmed for two people to use but hardly anyone does it that way.

  • TontomanTontoman Toronto, ONPosts: 196Member

    Well CRS wanted more of the 'instant action' crowd, and that's what you get.   It always was a potential problem, but with the old group you could keep a stock of weapons.  Usually just asking someone to put the tank back instead of going solo would be enough.  Thank goodness as many hours at times were spent manually stocking bases.  One thing about truck rides and FB only spawning, it most definately caused the game to have the most patient playerbase I'd ever seen.

    But after the IA invasion, yeah.  Last time I played I was almost crying when I had a nice reverse slop defense setup at Chimay with my ATG, only to watch tank after tank pop over the ridge to die like flies to 88's and tanks.  This one guy was so funny (and sad), he kept doing it and being a 'team player' he reported it, every time.  He even reported once our tanks had run out.  Now it's sad not just because he did this, but the fact no one on his squad told him to stop.

    It's one of the things that at last stopped me playing.  I loved the unique ATG play, but was so rare to get it if.  If you managed to setup a nice defence before the attack hit... you'd find ten guys in tanks driving past you meet them head on. 

  • ZbusZbus shelby, NCPosts: 116Member

    There was a time when squads  would  tounge lash anyone they caught wasteing supply. But those days are gone with teleporting supply.

    I first started seeing this problem shortly after the switch over to HC supply movement. We had the axis backed up in bertrix  and had just got through fighting off a huge armored push to get us away from the airfield. No armor left in the spawns but plenty of Anti tank capability left as well as plain rifle units. The HC guys where like we got to move in supply cause if we get hit now we will loose our link to the airfield. I was like we just beat off the axis they dont have armor but even if they did we still have like a full supply of ATG and Brit grens and a few sappers with which to deal with any axis armor left. No need to waste armor from a new BG just so people can go camp a airfield save it for when you really need the last major push. To my horror they moved in anouther BG and sure enough the armor from that one was gone in less than 30 mins. I saw this repeated over and over for the next few years and every time it made me sick just watching it happen.

    I guess being from a time when supply was town based and the fact that I have killed more Pnzs with the Brit gren than I could ever count prevented me from just looking at the supply as some thing to blow cause once its done oh well I can log and come back the next day to waste more.  

  • david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member

    Last time I played there was still one guy, delems I think, who would try to run resupply operations. They require some strange voodoo with flags and HQs though, it's not so simple as "take units from here and deposit them there".

    Anyway if you're driving a matilda or high-value unit like a tiger 20km from a rear town then you're either going to be much more careful with it, or you're going to coordinate with your bros to have them take control of it as soon as you despawn and it hits the list. It doesn't matter what their rank is, when all the supply is right there in town there's too much of a tendency to grab it and throw it against the enemy as quickly(and as haphazardly) as possible. Hence the careless play by new guys and veterans alike.

    Also if there was more actual driving of units in game, rather than the typical 2km race from the FB the advantages/disadvantages of each vehicle would have a much greater impact on the game. I mean CRS went to the time and effort of simulating the gears and gear ratios of the various armor vehicles, the off road speeds, etc. and with the current shoe box gameplay you hardly notice them. The stuart is awesome off-road, a lot of axis tanks are so-so off road but have a road gear or something and they have a high road speed(once they accelerate).

    I never understood what the advantage is supposed to be under this brigade system. Instead of the frontline towns being depleted of valuable units and everyone driving items from the rearward towns(vehicle columns, cross country drives, transport planes) either to restock or attack/defend directly, we have a few clicks and some icons changes positions on the map.

    Real world mass player movements with all the associated gameplay(scouting, ambushing, escorting) exchanged for something that belongs in a turn-based single player game...if people want to move flags instead of teaming up with their friends they should play Hearts of Iron 3 or any of other stellar strategic map games out there.

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    The reason for the click and move brigs is because they lost players, hc member, and chased big squads apart/away.


    No one was left in great numbers to resupply.  Clicking the mouse was the only option they had because people started leaving 6 years ago.


    I TRIED to tell them about the community pricing problems (being WAY TO HIGH) and it got me banned.  I was the troublemaker.


    F them.


    Let the tits dry out.

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