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Dantae87Dantae87 Camloops, ABPosts: 166Member



  • rpg_gunnerrpg_gunner Green Cove Springs, FLPosts: 80Member
    So cuuuuute! :3
  • HieronymousHieronymous Seattle, WAPosts: 20Member Uncommon
    piggy back test
  • srederesredere limaPosts: 2Member
  • pandaeyes25pandaeyes25 NewYork, NCPosts: 8Member
    nice, for the pic:0
  • AedificatorAedificator ArgenteuilPosts: 2Member
    She has too many clothes :-)
  • forcelimaforcelima Atlanta, GAPosts: 159Member Uncommon
    test test test test

    -"Trion is the best publisher XL could have found for AA"
    -"AA will be different in the west, Trion won't mess it up"
    -"Trion's ArcheAge"
    -"Trion will make their own decision according to what's best for AA on the western market"
    -"Trion has total control, it will literally be a different game over here"

    "People have to learn that it's not Trion's game and that there is little they can do".


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