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Returning, New, Bored, or Busy Players: A Level Locking Quest Guild

PoloniumPolonium Eau Claire, WIPosts: 2Member

The Lore Seekers are a new level one guild on Crushbone. We are currently locked at level 12 and play to exhaust content before moving on. Now is a great time for you to give us a look, because we are few in number and young in level.

We are players who want to make every level meaningful. We do this in a number of ways. First, we have no other characters on Crushbone to give us plat or gear. We are not using the broker to help us along, preferring instead to find what we need in the world of Norrath or via tradeskilling or by counting on the guild itself.

We want to make grouping a part of every login, even if just to run some quests together. The game is more fun if you have other people to interact with outside of the local experts on level 1-9 chat.

You will not be lost among the members because everyone is important to us. All members are officers and to be quite frank, not many people are interested in starting with nothing all over again, with no way to slip their new characters a few plat here an there. There's something refreshing about playing with a bunch of other people who are also starting out with nothing but the level 1 gear on their backs and a few small carrying sacks.

We are parents with old kids, teenage kids, and little toddlers. We have jobs that keep us away from the game for days at a time and when we do log in, some of us only have an hour at a time to get something done. Life is our real guild leader, and it is more important to us than keeping a calendar and clock set to EQ2. We love to share what we know with new players and appreciate the fact that some older players miss the good old days where people grouped before level 90.

Why not give us a try? Look for our thread on the EQ2 forums or visit us at our website.

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