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antwerp discussion thread

mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member
so what happend and why?


  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member
    A bunch of people quit? What happened?
  • ObiClownobiObiClownobi CoruscantPosts: 186Member
    I imagine it was the event being discussed by yourselves in several other threads, at least one of which was dedicated to the said event.

    "It's a sandbox, if you are not willing to create a castle then all you have is sand" - jtcgs

  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member

    Sometimes I go to the foreign language community threads and read those cause they dont get modded. Heres a good one:

    "Yes, today I am ashamed to belong to this game. ESPECIALLY And this hurts me to say it, but I feel embarrassed being especialemnte ally for so many years. I think after what happened today in Antwerp, and seeing the comments of some allies in the forums (all the threads have already been deleted), and also suspecting what was the attitude of zinc ally in this case, I can only apologize to myself for wearing that uniform. I do not know, but I get really lonely self-pity. not even know what to say. 've seen that in this game has been around. I also remember very serious affronts as ally, very serious, but no steep as that of the other day Aarschot or Antwerp today. This is unmatched. already know how Doc and Crs, no wonder. Do not know how to manage this business, and this community or anything. 10min destruct in what they have achieved in months. What hurts me is to see how it was my side until water no continues everywhere, wanting to get a victory without honor. WITHOUT HONOR. And it hurts, because the Allies on 90% of the people are good people, and here in the axis. But now the allies are, again, the four of contaminated forever. Truly, I say that there was a time (not long ago), tried to change some things, raising the house from the ground up. I tried to help out as I could ..... But I see that everything has been in vain. There are a lot of poison in the dome ally. And those four CRS wants bandits, who dishonor now a whole side, his little game win at all costs. Damn it all, damn.Damn it. -------- PD. I feel the roll, is what has left me. And I think this is the only place where we can talk on the forum of what happened, except there come crs to close the thread. I do not think all this googleen. S!"


  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon
    Drama! Murder! Horror!

    Oh, it's just a game. Sorry, you had me concerned for second.
  • pittpetepittpete poughkeepsie, NYPosts: 233Member
    Anybody here want the explanation or reason or would you just like to rant a little more?image


  • mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member
    I'd love to see it 
  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member
    Is someone gonna tell us what happened or what?  image
  • OtotheJOtotheJ here, NYPosts: 52Member

    Well, apparently Doc genius took the server down for maintenance while the hardest objective on the map was just about captured.  This interupted about 40 players that were rolling the other 15 guys that were outnumbered (only way that town falls anyway now that the pros are gone) and tweaked them all out. 

    Net zero who provides the game servers and the big D taking the cartridge out to blow on it basically :)

  • pittpetepittpete poughkeepsie, NYPosts: 233Member
    Originally posted by depot12
    Is someone gonna tell us what happened or what?  image

    The server MUST be reset daily, due to stability issues.

    CRS was stuck between a rock and a hardplace when KFS1 left for Blizzard.

    I can't comment on whether he left on good or bad terms because I really don't know.

    I do know that w/o the daily server resets we wouldn't have a game to play anymore.

    According to what I've read there is no set time they do this.

    When they reset they don't look at who has what, whats capped, who's underpop, etc....

    They go in, make the announcement regardless of map state and do the reset.

    It must really suck for them to have to do this on a daily basis.

    Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't.

    You can please some of the people some of the time and all of the people none.

    But on to today, Axis were a few CPs away from capping Antwerp and the server reset was announced.

    The rest is history.

    I really hope they go kidnap KFS1 and force him to straighten this dam server out.

    Either that or force him by gunpoint to teach someone how.

    It's getting scary man.image


  • mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member
    what a shitshow
  • dcoy68dcoy68 Medina, OHPosts: 30Member

    Basically Antwerp had been AO'd for over 5 hours.  Brigades had been kicked from the town and we were mopping up.  SD hit over 200 seconds, its been very buggy since the "fix" done to it.  Even while allies had more in TS than axis.  Yes I know not every player is in TS.    Doc logged in.  Announced server down in 10 minutes when there were 2 non spawnable CPs left to cap.  The maintenance is far from scheduled.   I've heard everything from M/W/F to every weekday.  Never a time given in advance, many days where its not done at all.



    This was the second time in a week for this sort of random maintenance to stop a cap that could have swung the map to Axis favor.   Last week Axis were capping Aarschot and had a wide open softcap to Antwerp if they did.  Would have trapped 3 divs.    Doc logged in, announced 5 minutes to server down (see the consistancy already).  When people started linking the AB % and it was obvious we were going to cap before the 5 minutes were up,  capping was immediatly locked and left that way until the server came down.  When the server came up  Gembloux ownership was changed to Allied.  Questions and .reports about that went ignored and we had to recap it.


    So myself and others aren't leaving over one town.  We're leaving over being treated this way repeatedly.  And by any comments/questions/concerns being deleted or met with derision by CRS.  I refuse to pay for it any longer.  They can stick their head in the sand and pretend everything is fine if they want.  I'm glad people can speak freely here, it obviously upsets CRS they can't control it.

  • TenBlueTenBlue CambridgePosts: 93Member

    It was just an utterly retarded thing to do.  You really couldn't find a better way to piss off a large proportion of your playerbase if you sat down for a few hours and tried.  Total mismanagement, no other word for it and if this is the way they've been carrying on then i'm not surprised the game is on it's ass.


    For what it's worth I actually had a lot of fun when I was playing, it's still a blast to play and i'll keep on logging in albeit only on the free account.  If they could get a coder in and someone who will manage the game properly then it might have a chance.

  • david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member

    Spawn delay was over 200 seconds?! Wow. The most I ever saw was 130 seconds and that was awhile ago.

    Since it was DOC who logged in and restarted the server at least they won't be able to blame a campaign-altering move on some game manager this time.

    If it was such a legitimate and justified game action like everyone says then I don't see why everything has to be so hush-hush. They are deleting threads that even vaguely allude to the event on their official forums.

  • GrigioGrigio VenicePosts: 1Member

    I was there.

    Logged in time for the last hour of fight.

    I was one of the 15-20 allies defending the city.

    We actually had regained South army base only to loose it after some 20-30 mins.

    At reset time we had control of Airfield and 1 or 2 CPs (not spawnable) in city.

    We, rather few, were commited in defence as much as axis were committed in attack, we were defending with nails and theeth and i really have been feel deprived of the possibility to defend and retake city if they had reset and then gave city to axis, anyhow i really think that rather than to give Antwerp to Allies and apologize with axis it could be more correct to give it to axis and apologize with allies.

    I just think though that Doc and any CRS rapresentative know better than us that a reset in the middle of such a battle is going to frustrate some (all) the players and if they did it it's because it  simply had to be done. 

    I don't think they enjoy to annoy their player base.

    It really sadden me to know that many players had unsubbed due to this, i understand how they feel but  it's really sad when anger lead to self-punishment. After all we (both axis and allies) had some hours of real fun and this is the biggest goal when playing a game.

    We are lucky enough not to be in real war, we just play war. Just enjoy it, we will again fight over Antwerp soon enough, we will be proud if we will be able to defend it and axis will be double proud if they will be able to take it again, but most of all we will have fun togheter one time again.

    Hope to see you on the fields.

    P.s: sry for my bad english.

  • pittpetepittpete poughkeepsie, NYPosts: 233Member

    S! Grigio

    It's nice to get a POV from the other side when something like this happens


  • dcoy68dcoy68 Medina, OHPosts: 30Member

    My first post on CRS forums after a 1 day ban for repeated threads on the Antwerp issue.  It was up all of 30 seconds.   For a company claiming they don't have manpower the sure have enough to practice thought control.


    If your thinking about spending money on this game read this first.  Tells you all you need to know.


    The primary rule that should be noted is TOS #9. It states:


    9. Do not post Flame. Do not posts messages about quitting, unsubscribing from the service or encouraging others to do so. Do not post links to pages which contain Flame or links to other links which contain Flame. Posts within a discussion-thread should be focused on to the thread topic, not against other individuals in the thread. Flame posts include hostile and negative posts directed at:
    - An individual player
    - A player organization, including any of the official high commands, squads, etc.
    - The moderators of these boards
    - Any member of the CRS or Playnet staff
    - The game itself
    False and negative concepts such as:
    - CRS bias
    - Nerfing of weapons
    - Side advantage by design
    - Winning or losing due to CRS actions





    No flaming sure np.   Don't discuss actions that effect hours of your gameplay, unacceptable.

  • BodkinBarberBodkinBarber BirminghamPosts: 106Member
    The server wont crash if the reset is pursponed a few hours, far from it. They introduced the daily reset rather that every 2days (before was every week) to give consistency. The server would not of gone haywire if it was kept up for a few hours longer. It was a piss poor decision by DOC who is an expert at digging a big whole for himself and CRS. He has to of been the last straw in causing 100's tounsubscribe
  • DOC-CRSDOC-CRS Bedford, TXPosts: 7Member

    You may think you are helping the problem by posting in here, but in fact you are making it worse. No one in here has ever run a successful game for 12 years. You can keep telling yourself that you know the way things work. It is much easier than actually trying to understand.



  • rendusrendus smyrna, TNPosts: 327Member

    Doc posting on

    Changed my sig for the occasion!

  • OtotheJOtotheJ here, NYPosts: 52Member

    Brother dcoy is a player they should treat like gold.  He has come along way in developing the very difficult skill set of being able to command in this game.  I've watched him go from just a guy that logged in and played to one of the sides leading command personas. While I dont hand out compliments very often (people like jsilec actually figured out how to command also) you cant dick these type of players around and think for a minute that its good for your game.  You see they are your game and make things happen


    Being able to understand the game at this level and influence and provide others on a massive scale entertainment is not even in the majority of players out there. Its the trully dedicated people like dcoy that have been shit on over and over through the years and had the game designed around them *cough anti squad/player freedom mechanics* that will kill ya eventually. 



  • mrcheapymrcheapy Bettendorf, IAPosts: 56Member
    whats even funnier is that dcoy left allies after they treated him like shit and now leaves ghc when CRS treats them like shit
  • OtotheJOtotheJ here, NYPosts: 52Member
    I dont count any hc dancing queen episodes against anyone.  Players get involved with it because they are forced to in order to play.  Having game mechanics that put all your eggs in few peoples laps and expect them to deal with some of these unnessacery scenarios was a bad idea on paper.
  • AbyssussAbyssuss Banja LukaPosts: 85Member
    Originally posted by DOC-CRS
    You may think you are helping the problem by posting in here, but in fact you are making it worse. No one in here has ever run a successful game for 12 years. You can keep telling yourself that you know the way things work. It is much easier than actually trying to understand.    

    But most games have updates and something called "developers", oh they dont also class f2p players as "freeloaders" keep staying classy  though

  • dcoy68dcoy68 Medina, OHPosts: 30Member
    Originally posted by DOC-CRS
    You may think you are helping the problem by posting in here, but in fact you are making it worse. No one in here has ever run a successful game for 12 years. You can keep telling yourself that you know the way things work. It is much easier than actually trying to understand.    

    I doubt anyone here thinks they are helping in anyway.   And once again with the condescension.  As I said in my deleted post I don't have to have run a game for 12 years to know how your actions make me feel as a paying customer.  I also said no one questions your hard work and drive.  Just your judgment.  Like the poor judgement shown in your post here.  

    A simple question.  Why was capturing locked while we were in Aarschot AB and obviously going to beat the 5 minute server reset timer? 

  • Dantae87Dantae87 Camloops, ABPosts: 166Member
    why the hell has this game been popping up on the mmorph forums so much in the past week...used to fly under the radar prio then BAM all i see on topics is this dam game.


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