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a little speculation

xaritscinxaritscin CaliPosts: 350Member Uncommon

so, i've been getting on with this game called Dwarf Fortress, well taking out that it uses ASCII graphics (i use a tileset substitute). the game looks promising, and all my new games while being a failure in one way or another, it's a good fun.

so i've been thinking,  how would be an MMORPG with the mechanics of Dwarf Fortress. no, this is not about making Dwarf Fortress an MMO. but what how interesting could be a game with similar mechanics.

1. you can craft things from almost anything in the world

2. almost (or over) 2000 types of rock and ores avaliable for crafting

3. water and lava for obsidian

4. biomes with weather and seasons, with several types of flora and fauna, including many types of trees for wood

5. unique humanoids and fantasy races like kobolds, goblins, elves, etc

6. several monsters in the world, from the common dragon, to even "forgotten beasts" which try to get some Lovecraftian horror inside the game.

7. gorey combat (you dont actually see it, but it happens, you just have to read the combat logs).

8. characters and NPCs with basic needs, moods and even their own personalities

9. buildable structures

10. landscape modification (cutting trees, mining tunnels, changing water and lava currents)

11. all is randomly generated


well this thinking in both the Fortress Mode and the Adventure Mode, to be honest it would be cool to have both (being able to manage a group of NPCs and your own character).



  • MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon
    could be an interesting mmo if designed for maximum attention. which most sandbox mmo are not.


  • brash99brash99 west coast usa, ORPosts: 94Member Uncommon

    Dwarf Fortress is a fantastic game, one I come back to time and again.


    A few reasons why it might not be the best model as an MMO:


    1) The ASCII graphics were a deliberate choice in order to support the phenominal level of depth and complexity in the game. Even with ASCII (or simple tilesets), the game is known to put tremendous stress on CPU/RAM of even the mightiest computers the deeper into it you go, and that's just as a singleplayer game with bare minimalistic 2D graphics.


    2) The randomly generated content is one of the main reasons why Dwarf Fortress never gets old -- every new game is a completely new adventure, and no two games ever go the same way.  But thats precisely why it has to be a singleplayer game and not a MMO, because you can't really have a massive multiplayer game where the entire world is constantly made up from scratch.


    3) This is a game whose motto is "Losing is Fun," and its all about how spectacularly one can fail. I have a hard time seeing that translate easily to an online game where players have been raised for a decade or two into thinking its all about winning. 


    It's a complicated game so it would be hard to make easily accessible for the "mainstream" MMO market. I will say that if Tarn Adams ever offers up any project on Kickstarter, I'll throw money at it and urge all my friends to also. I consider Tarn Adams one of the indy gaming world's true heroes.  (Although we can already support him with donations, since the main game is free.) But if he ever decides to do the crowd funding toute -- I would be very excited to see what came of his genius for gameplay.


    I suspect however he is extremely happy just making his game, his way.  


    If anyone hasn't seen, the New York Times did a really interesting feature on Tarn Adams. titled The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress:  



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