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Ongoing Auth Server Problems..

sirgeekalotsirgeekalot Camp Hill, PAPosts: 21Member Common

So there is a "known issue" at trion.  this issue appeared after they returned from the holidays to find a horde of fishing bots in the game and added something to combat it.  The result is hardly worth it.  On average i have issues logging into the patcher at least 2 days a week.  At least once a week my account starts acting like its a trial account and i cannot log into any toon thats over level 20.   Other times it will hang when loading into the game to the point that it errors and most times after said error you can go back in and load in successfullly.   None of these issues existed prior to the anti botting code.  Trion has stated that it is a "Known Issue that engineering is working to fix" for the last 2 weeks. 

  I was excited to rediscover this much improved game last year but this sort of base level tech problem will keep alot of folks from playing  including me.  Storm Legion is a ton of fun but before you decide to give it a go consider these things.  You have been warned..

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