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MMO vs Single player games

zspawnzspawn LimassolPosts: 410Member

Hi all,

Maybe some of you are in the same position...

I lately find that I have not as much time as I had in the past...


It wasn't a problem to play WoW for 3-4 hours a day then play some XBOX360 single player game and finish it up with some Halo but that ain't possible anymore...

I removed WoW now and Diablo 3.. I am free of any sub based games and I only have LoL, Smite, Guild Wars 2 and Tribes on my PC. (and some single player classics from steam).

However I also own around 300 XBOX360 and PS3 games (combined) and around 200 of them are unfinished and untouched even.

I find it hard to focus on an MMO like GW2 or play a daily match of LoL  *and* have the mood to play a console game...

So what would you do ?

a) Sell all the console games (or 90% of them keeping only AAA titles) and focus on PC gaming (a few LoL matches, GW2 as a "daily login" game... This will probably net me around 2000$ if I sell them 10$ each... But they probably cost more than that to buy originally !

b) Delete all online PC games and focus on the single player ones console and PC


Any other ideas? 

I'm kinda frustrated trying to decide what to do and I end up doing nothing :)


Wanted some feedback from like minded gamers :)


  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    Follow Sheldon Cooper.

    Aside from that Im not sure.  I just pick a random game and play it till I get bored then switch to another that I feel like playing.


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  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,666Member Rare

    I've actually gone back and forth on this same scenario over the years. I used to have all the consoles and play PC games too. Then I would say, "I'm just choosing one and that's it!" So I went console only for a while, but PC games are generally more interesting (at least RPG's are) and of course MMO's. Eventually I gave in and added PC gaming back into my life.

    Then I went the other way and went PC only. But I found that there are certain types of games you just don't get on PC's. Ninja Gaiden, DMC, GoW, Shadow of the Colossus, MGS, Bayonetta, Tekken, Soul Calibur and so on. Mostly action/adventure/fighting games. Slowly PC gets a few here and there, but no where near all the good stuff.

    If you don't like those types of console games, then you aren't really missing anything. PC has better shooters, rpgs (with the exception of a few rare gems) and way better strategy games. So you could easily stick with just pc and be happy.


  • c0existc0exist Round Rock, TXPosts: 196Member Uncommon
    I personally would sell the console games, the only console games i play are sports games.  The time element is tough, devoting those long hours to an mmo as we get older is tougher.  I used to devote 4-8 hours a day to ffxi back when it first came out.  I would kill to have a game give me reason to play like that again but sadly these new mmo's just arent worth the dedication.  
  • zspawnzspawn LimassolPosts: 410Member

    Well I tend to get games for consoles unless it's a PC exclusive (that is why I have Witcher, Magicka and the whole Serious Sam franchince on my Steam).


    The problem is it would be easier on me to think that "hey I only play this one game and I have no pressure to complete 100 games I have there sitting on the shelf for a year or two" and keep things "simpler".

    However, 2 things happen

    1) For the life of me, every MMO/online game I tried even if it feels good to play I cannot convince my self it should be my "main game" and spend my free time on it... MMOs and online games just lack that feeling of "dedication" I can give to them...


    2) Well unless I sell them at a loss, I will always have those 200 games..Feels like i cannot undo my greed :P



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