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itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member

So I was watching AngryJoe and I was fascinated on the stories I didn't hear about while coming to this and another website. Some of these titles weren't mmo's that he mentioned but were made and released during the same time as the mmo's we did see by some of the same publishers and I found it most fascinating how the similarities between what we saw in their mmo's and other titles were handled by their PR department and how little I knew about what happened. For those publishers who only published mmo's I was astonished that I had not heard a thing about these issues (like DayZ) simply because I'm not that type of player. What disturbs me more then the sheer lack of morals on the part of these gaming companies was the sheer lack of press. I see more clearly the reasons why there are so many posts on the conspiracies concerning the press and their involvement in keeping certain things from the public for benefits from the very companies they are reviewing.



The two that got me the most were the ones about EA and DayZ.


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