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The new PVP warzone

tiefighter25tiefighter25 Winchester, MAPosts: 937Member

What does the SWTOR player community think of the newest PVP warzone "Ancient Hypergate"?

Gabe said it was heavily influenced by the design of Warcraft Online's "Khaine's Embrace" scenario, and that seems true.

I always enjoyed "Khaine's Emberace", I thought it added an intresting dynamic to the scenario.

Do you think it translated well into" Ancient Hypergate"?

I know many in the SWTOR community seem to deemphasize the PVP aspects of the game (which has been reinforced by the FTP restrictions on warzones), but what do the subscriber PVP commuity think of the new warzone?

Does it give you optimism for future warzones?

Feel free to discuss any other warzone PVP issues in this thread (Non-open PVP) such as AOE, CC, resilience, class balancing, and the dreaded smashers.

Please try to stay focused on the subject of warzone PVP and the "Ancient Hypergate" warzone in particulair if you can.

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