Shop & 10 Stage P2W sub .. bloody hell

mmrbaisitemmrbaisite UtrechtMember Posts: 61

This "game" has a shop & a 10 staged P2W sub system.

10 Staged sub system:

This isn’t a game. This is a 3d marketing scheme. That's what we get as "'MMO's" in "Beta" these days. Become a founder!

Is this genre lost forever? So sad...



  • synnsynn killeen, TXMember UncommonPosts: 541

    considering its a f2p game and it was made for the f2p market this shouldn't come as a surprize to anyone. However, only players that are able to drop $50+ a month on this type of game will have a distinct advantage over most gamers that aren't spending money just because everything in game is way overpriced. Like most f2p games though, it is possible to get insanely strong if you play smart, make the timelines for their daily events and find a good guild*. 


    *a strong guild will allow you to take part in guild battles which earn alot of insignias(currency to buy pvp gear)

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