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THE Most important lore of all...

elvenwolfelvenwolf Posts: 146Member Uncommon

Cyrodil? Daedra? Dovakin? Dragons?


It can't be an Elder Scroll game.. if THIS isn't in... must be... really is a game breaker for me...


Will finally be possible to know the original Argonian Maid that inspired the play? We'll be able to see it enacted or even better  a questline in which we join a company of wandering actors and finally do our best to play this important piece of the story of Tamriel? 

Fake Argonian costumes for who's not of that race .


Disclaimer :

For whoever take this too seriously... is a joke, well of course i hope i can find books, read them  and who knows, hints at this play that poked it's head from morrowind to skyrim , but no is not a really a gamebreaker for me.



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