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WildStar: Interview with a Tester

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,968MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The latest WildStar Wednesday has been posted. In this new edition, fans of the upcoming game were given the opportunity to submit questions to a beta tester. This week's WildStar Wednesday is the result.


Q: Andreas Scholten: Do you think that the classes of WildStar have enough different mechanics to play each class with a completely different feeling?

Absolutely. The way the class mechanics work, and the way the abilities are used are different enough to require a learning curve when you switch classes. Even when you switch between melee and melee or ranged and ranged. It is a completely different play style requiring different moves for different situations.
The nice thing about the mechanics is the fact that you can change out your abilities at any time (outside of combat) as long as you own the ability. This makes how you play a Warrior completely different than the Warrior next to you. So it not just different between classes, you'll also see different mechanics within the class.

Read the full interview on the WildStar site.



  • ShaikeShaike NesherPosts: 301Member Uncommon

    I just can't wait for this to come out!!!!!!!!!!!


    Anyone know when closed/open Beta starts????

    Just my 2 cents...


  • IsturiIsturi Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,509Member
    Of course this person will be possitive about this game. lol


  • DjildjameshDjildjamesh maasdijkPosts: 406Member Uncommon
    I can't really explain it, but this game interests me more then the other upcomming titles.
  • akkedis86akkedis86 pretoriaPosts: 123Member Uncommon
    It will not be rushed, it looks amazing, and I believe it will come out quite polished. Not to mention the people with all the experience behind it, and the power they have over creative directions, I think it'll be something completely diffirent.
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