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Wtf is this now then?

wyldmagikwyldmagik Non DefinablePosts: 479Member Uncommon

Updated last night to 0.19 and I cant log in now.. I thought russia was on release, and ive been playing with the english file changes. I noticed when first playing as well that it said sword cb1 that didnt match I thought to what the server the russians were using.

anyway anyone know what this says :D

servers are still offline?


  • tyfontyfon OSLOPosts: 240Member Uncommon

    I'm in the same boat.


    Since it actually patched something I guess it's just a server down for patching :).. Hopefully

  • tet666tet666 cfgvbfdgPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    Maintanance i presume server is down as u can see the light on the serverlisting is grey.
  • valunvalun Tir, HIPosts: 203Member Uncommon
    server maintance

    Are you stupid? Do you think i'm gonna waste my life for real life?image
  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Non DefinablePosts: 479Member Uncommon

    Thanks for the support on the curiosity of the server status.. grey would seem down as well to me but i was sure its always been showing grey to me even when its up :D

    I only posted today this question as it went down after 4am here, and thought it be back up by now as it patched rather quickly.. wish I could read the chat :O buy my ruskie is like my humanity meter in dayz "effing terrible"

    I also did my first run of team progression stuff with the mini game.. brought a smile to my face :D

    Nice way to raise skills if one has a great load of cultivation to spend.. now to find out fastest way to gain more of that on mass :D

    10 of us together really was the buisness with raising skills, im still unsure why eventually some correct completions of a round would end in no points given, I am guessing its either a) due to low or none cultivation left through some of those that joined the team, or something to do with fatigue?

  • tet666tet666 cfgvbfdgPosts: 295Member Uncommon

    You can only Team practice till your fatigue reaches 100% after that you have to wait till it resets.

    Im unsure how long it takes some said daily but i could do it more then once on some days so i dont rly know tbh maybe it accumulates if you dont do it daily.

  • LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebPosts: 5,496Member Rare
    Tells you to choose another server

  • Aison2Aison2 MarburgPosts: 624Member
    message is roughly

    "Selection of server closed due to technical investigation, please choose another server for playing"

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  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Non DefinablePosts: 479Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aison2
    message is roughly "Selection of server closed due to technical investigation, please choose another server for playing"

    Thanks :D

    Im guessing its a bit of a miss lead with that message as there is only one server to choose at this time :P

  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon

    @tet666 You can do it all day if You want, just after 100% You wont get any benefiits from it, but could still helps others if they lack people

    above minimap You have server time, it resets at mindight

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