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drunken overclocking

icefusion2kicefusion2k ocala, FLPosts: 9Member
just askin you guys, is it reccomended?! im bored and drunk, feel like overclockin some shit, my AMD 4350 cant really play counter strike on lowest settings. its in desperate need of some overclocking...maby memory, and depending on how im feeling, possiblly my CPU...thoughts?


  • BebbohBebboh WalesPosts: 29Member
    The best thing for you would be to forget you even thought about it.
  • wallet113wallet113 normal, ILPosts: 231Member

    Do it.......DO IT.


  • stringboistringboi Atlanta, GAPosts: 394Member Uncommon
    Go for it, as long as you know what your doing and have good cooling going on.    Otherwise, maybe wait till you've though it out a bit more =)
  • TallynTallyn EarthPosts: 216Member Uncommon

    Get the core clock to 750 and the memory clock to 480. You should be able to do that with stock cooling.

    And just remember, if you drunkenly eff it up then you can drunkenly walk your drunk arse to the store to get a new card. Seriously, it's about time to upgrade that PoS.

    Don't mess with overclocking memory unless you're going to or already have overclocked the CPU.

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    do it.  it's much safer than getting on FB and writing messages to people you never talk to anymore.
  • icefusion2kicefusion2k ocala, FLPosts: 9Member
    too late, allready started posting on fb lol, and btw that clock speed is giving me credit lol. not actually overclocking anything but am actually drunk, anyone wanna ask a stranger who wishes they had a halfway decient computer to game a question?
  • TallynTallyn EarthPosts: 216Member Uncommon

    Drunkenly play a classic gem like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale. That'll be much safer and more entertaining than tarnishing your social status on FB.

  • icefusion2kicefusion2k ocala, FLPosts: 9Member

    lol good idea Tallyn, dont have those games but i do have diable 2, and its mutiplayer, do you have it as well? we could play a game toghtater!


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