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TERA Goes Free to Play in February

Harbinger1975Harbinger1975 Mechanicville, NYPosts: 231Member Uncommon

Not sure if anyone saw this, but I just found this on


A snippet from the article:

"Tera will be available for free from February. Previous owners will be upgraded to “Veteran” status, receiving bonuses to character slots and bank tabs. Current subscribers will be moved to the TERA Club membership, receiving daily bonuses until their subscription expires, at which point they’ll be knocked down to Veteran.

Honestly? I’m almost surprised the announcement took this long. As I noted back when I reviewed the game, Tera has one of the better MMO combat systems, but the mission churn of endless kill X mob quests soured the early-mid game.

Still, just looking at the free-to-play comparison chart, this seems to be a generous amount of content available to non-payers, without the silly restrictions that plague some MMOs. Yes, I’m talking about SW:TOR, which appears to treat its free userbase with a genuine disdain."



  • maccarthur2004maccarthur2004 SPosts: 511Member Uncommon
    Is a pity that a good mmo like this has fallen in the themepark trap :(

  • MarinkovichMarinkovich SplitPosts: 15Member
    Tera is a good game but it AINT WORTH to sub.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    I don't think I'll even try it as a F2P game.  There's nohing that really interests me in it to be honest.
  • kabitoshinkabitoshin Posts: 789Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by FrodoFragins
    I don't think I'll even try it as a F2P game.  There's nohing that really interests me in it to be honest.

    I'm with you, played it for a week got to 30 and just unsubbed. The only class fun to me was a slayer, and that got boring after a while. I don't think I'll be updating this game anytime soon though.

  • Trudge34Trudge34 Stevens Point, WIPosts: 392Member Uncommon
    Looks like I'll be dusting my Lancer off in February. Was a fun game as far as the dungeons, BAMs and combat goes, the rest was pretty mind numbing. It's too bad that the focus was on the same questing system as everyone else. Would have been much better off upping the difficulty of all the mobs and having it more of a mob grinder since the combat was supposed to be the focus.

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  • ThorkuneThorkune Eastern, KYPosts: 1,958Member Uncommon
    I will definitely play it again. I liked it when I played it, but not enough to drop my other sub games to play it.
  • al1enoidal1enoid kPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    The mmo game with the best combat system and also open world...

    Monthly sub is worth it imo atm, lets hope there wont be a greedy cash shop when its f2p

  • GN-003GN-003 NA, HIPosts: 78Member
    I played the beta, played a few weeks after launch and then called it a day. For me, an MMORPG needs more than just a pretty world and enjoyable combat. Fighting BAMs is a hell of a lot of fun, though.
  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,680Member Uncommon

    I remember wanting to play this game badly when it came out.

  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,680Member Uncommon
    5 mor days
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