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Navigation info

PsiKahnPsiKahn Woodside, NYPosts: 126Member
The devs just posted some info on their navigation system last night.  I love the design of this as it makes navigation a skill and generally makes it challenging to find your way around.  Exploration is kind of a lost art in may MMOs and I find the minimap has a lot to do with that.


  • IldefonseIldefonse WellingtonPosts: 8Member

    Agreed, and I am really curious to see how often people will start to get lost. The profession of "local guide" will definitely be something that you'll see people do.

    You will probably want to grow familiar with your immediate surroundings first, before you venture out in the world. 

  • ParinoidPandaParinoidPanda Tacoma, WAPosts: 21Member
    Well, don't forget your torches for when it gets dark. ;) I hear the nights are gruesem without any artifical lighting. 

    If my undead panda's don't get you...

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