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We're taking the wraps off a new promotion in support of the Kickstarter. It's designed to give organized Guilds an incentive to help us raise awareness of Pathfinder Online and the Kickstarter, and engage with one of the most important elements of the MMO community.

The Land Rush has two components - a Leaderboard, and the Land Rush Draft. The Leaderboard We've created a poll on the Pathfinder Online forums at The poll will allow people to show their affiliation for a registered Guild. We've contacted all the people who have made Crowdforger Guild pledges to solicit their Guild names, and we expect more Guilds to be added to the poll constantly as they find Pathfinder Online and join the race. If you have backed the Kickstarter at the $35 Adventurer level or higher, you're invited to vote in the poll for the Guild you're a member of. We ask that if you are not a member of one of the listed Guilds that you not vote in the poll. The Leaderboard will not be finalized until the post-Kickstarter Backer Survey process is complete, but it will give Guilds a relative sense of how they're doing at recruiting Kickstarters vs. the competition. To see the Leaderboard and indicate your Guild affiliation, follow this link: Kickstarter Land Rush Leaderboard The Land Rush Draft This Leaderboard will determine the order that initial Settlements will be created in Pathfinder Online during the Early Enrollment period. After a suitable amount of time has elapsed in Early Enrollment for players to get a sense of the available territory and the relative merits of the initial Hexes available, we will conduct a draft for Territory. The Guild with the highest Membership total will draft first, the second highest Membership will draft second, etc. The First Settlements As Early Enrollment begins we will not have the Territorial Control game mechanic implemented. During this period, Settlements will not face the threat of being displaced by hostile forces. Once Territorial Warfare is implemented, tested and deployed, the Settlements will begin to vie with one another for Territorial Control.


If anyone is interested in looking for a guild to join, then check the Leaderboard and also this list of guilds: Chartered Companies & Guild Recruitment

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