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TES - Play how YOU want. TESO - Play how WE want.

MaelwyddMaelwydd CrawleyPosts: 1,123Member
Take an IP - fuck it up - get paid - thank the sheeple.....


  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon
    is the game out? or have i missed somthing ?
  • MaelwyddMaelwydd CrawleyPosts: 1,123Member
    Call it a guess I hope is proved wrong but am confident won't be, unless they rework the design and understand the principle point I made in the title.
  • dinamsdinams Muriae, VAPosts: 1,362Member
    so I heard TESO is the next on line to death

    "It has potential"
    -Second most used phrase on existence
    "It sucks"
    -Most used phrase on existence

  • TsaboHavocTsaboHavoc PinheiralPosts: 435Member Uncommon

    Tes imo is = freedom and amazing lore,

    they butchered both for the sake of some quick cash.

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