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Zaloc's PvP video; looking for critique and feedback

joshuawnjoshuawn Conifer, COPosts: 9Member

I'm interested in publicizing and promoting this game while improving my own skills and hopefully entertaining some of you guys. It's a short video (2:52) of one of my first days of the game, and the small amount of experience I've already had with Firefall has hooked me. Coming from my accumulated playtime, I'm enjoying the Dreadnaught Battleframe and the potential for high DPS. The Assault BattleFrame's maneuverability seems to have a lot of potential to dominate the game, so I'm not entirely sure what I may stick with.

Anyways, I'm really looking for critique when it comes to my own skill (please be brutally honest, and fuck I feel like I deserve to get trolled for posting this) and the production of this video. The production value is simple, but I want to know if it feels coherent and watchable.


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