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Couple of pics and comments.

GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Nada, FLPosts: 576Member

So I started a tangman alt, new account and all. Just to see and  try out the kidnapping mechanic without doing any harm to my mains rep, I started a new story line to do it and I have to say the story choices you pick makes a pretty different experience...more so than I was expecting, in fact the one I did for the tangman was much easier than the chengdu starting area one my scholar is on. I do wander how much they diverge past the 1st part of the stories (the basics were the same but one had me stuck trying to gather a group the other sent me into the fight with a large npc army at my back)


Anyway yesterday I did a school war, I have to say these events are fun but bugged to hell. Fun if you want to go in and do some large scale PvP and just hammer at other people for 25 minutes. Not so fun if you want to complete the objective and you are on the offense, the target npc's at the end that you need to bring down to win are just way OP, I believe that is because they are directly ported from the china version where they have level 2 and 3 internals but snail still has the closed beta stuck at the first level of internals for US games. Basically, to use wow terminology, it would be like importing a Panderan dungeon but only letting people level up to 50, just hard to do.

But they are fun, if you kill a guild leader, and manage to carry them to a certain point without getting killed you can tie them up to a post where they have to wait and be mocked and jeered at like the poor tangman below.


(you really should have stayed home today dude, if I let you down will you tell me how to get out of emei land?)

Tonights main event was the school war, which is an in game way for you to become head of your school (which is a totally different system than the guilds you may or may not join) the winner gets a nice set of fact the top 5 all get an outfit until they get kicked out of the position. Winner is determined by combat except the very top post which is voted on by all the school members. It is not a huge huge thing to be head of the school but it is a cool mechanic they have in the game.I believe they get to set school alliances but honestly you can ignore your school leader and no one would care, not like he or she can kick you out after all. Couldn't get a shot of the actual fighting because of the wall of force around the contestants. But as it was a scholar fight you can be sure it involved spinning swords and lots of kicks.

(Shouldn't scholars have a painting contest instead?)

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