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Wurm online

SabbathSMCSabbathSMC Katy, TXPosts: 226Member

I created a area for new players to come and try the game with all the goodies. Forge Oven Loom garden a house with a bed.

So anyone wanting to try it out can have at least some of the better items to start out with and a little guidance. This is on the Pristine server PVE only. Just contact me in game DarkEagle I would be happy to come pick you up in blossom and bring you to the place i have set up to help you get started.

The game has so much to do it can be over whelming. This should help you get on your feet.

played M59,UO,lineage,EQ,Daoc,Entropia,SWG,Horizons,Lineage2.EQ2,Vangaurd,Irth online, DarkFall,Star Trek
and many others that did not make the cut or i just plain forgetting about.



  • zevni78zevni78 grimsbyPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon
    That is a very nice offer, I am already in a village but I would like to see others post here with their experiences with you.
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