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SWTOR Streamer

wumlolzwumlolz Surrey, BCPosts: 2Member

Stream Link: Watch live video from li7wum on

Hey Guys,

My name is WuM, I've recently just started playing SWTOR, and long time mmo player. I am a new streamer and I'm hoping to be a part of this community. I will mainly be PVPing and some PvE. Any helpful tips for my stream or gameplay would be great. Please drop by and lend me your support and join me in chat.


  • Stealthman06Stealthman06 KlgfPosts: 35Member Uncommon



    Is this some kind of UI mod you are using or did you manage to sort the UI out yourself ?

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  • wumlolzwumlolz Surrey, BCPosts: 2Member


    I just got it off of there are many different ui there.

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