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The Malevolence[eVL] PvX - Blackgate

V1nomV1nom Phoenix, AZPosts: 6Member

The Malevolence [eVL]




- Guild Name: The Malevolence [eVL]

- Country: International

- Focus: PvX - PvP | Dungeons | Personal Story | WvW | +MORE

- Server: Blackgate

- Guild Cap: 16 / 85 Members

- VoIP: Raidcall


About Us:


  We are an international guild. We are not a really restricted guild like some guilds are. Our guild doesn't have major requirements our only important one is no one under 18 is allowed to join our guild. Reason being we cuss a lot when we are in voice chat, so we are not a group of babysitters and have no desire to guard our mouths. We are laid back guild, Semi Hardcore/Casual guild. We want a guild that can be for all types of play styles of players, if your a hardcore PvPer, hardcore PvEer, or both again we are not a restricted guild. However, we are against hacks, cheats, etc we do everything we can to report and stop them.




  Here in The Malevolence we got from casual players, to hardcore PvPers. Our goal here is to have a friendly community, to have fun gaming together, and able to make new friends and gain more friends in the future that will last a lifetime. Our Staff, their duty and pleasure to help players and have a fun atmosphere for everyone, experience, rank, or any player style none of these matter.




- 18 Years old or older

- Mic/Headset

- Mature.


Interesting In Joining?


Does this guild seem to fit your needs? If you are interested in joining us, either contact one of our staff/leaders in game or go to our website and click on Request To Join.


Contact In Game:









Website -

Xfire -

Steam -

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