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ArcheAge is coming

PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon UnkownPosts: 565Member Uncommon

Anyone remember that Darkfall is coming video? I watched that and thought 'wow can't wait', let's not talk about what happened after release with that game. The point is I have a habit of hyping myself up for a game on purpose and ArcheAge is no exception.




  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon
    AA is nothing like DF and vice versa. DF scattered to pvp and AA seems to be going even across the board.
  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon UnkownPosts: 565Member Uncommon
    I don't think we need to compare at all
  • SukiyakiSukiyaki Posts: 1,443Member Uncommon

    0:20 Segoe...ah my face!!!

    1. airships ->current airships not actually controlled by player, we dont want to pull an Age of Wushu here.

    2. Wording is kinda underwhelming for hype, it doesnt even give AA a deserving impression.

    "Hey I ignored all the fun content and played this game like a hamster because it was possible just spending long enough time in the wheel. Why are games so boring X-clones these days and can't be more like X? Im going back to grind repeatable tasks in X and hone my skills with some dice roles, waiting 14 months for the next paid content patch."
  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon UnkownPosts: 565Member Uncommon

    Man a little video with ingame footage


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,951Member Rare
    Cool vids. 
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