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LF a English-speaking guild in Russian Age of Wushu

Insane666Insane666 gdanskPosts: 65Member Uncommon

as the title sais im looking for a english speaking guild in the russian open beta of age of wushu,,,

tried looking ingame, but with no luck so far, and the russians seems to get offended by a forreign language at their screen so i thought id leave a post here


char name is Insanity

not sre if it matters or not, but just in case i joined the wanderers valley school

Games previously played: AO, AoC, Aion, AoW, Eve, SWTor, WaR, STO, TSW, DCUO, FE, BP, ProjectEntropia, FootballSuperstars!


  • muthaxmuthax mondaPosts: 594Member Uncommon

    From another thread (Totally Free Wushu):

    "We have an English speaking guild for anyone that wants to join. The guild name is YingziFusion and the leader is Ying contact him and he can get you in guild or contact Jiusheen.  If you see any of our members just pst us and we'll see to it that someone gets you invited."

    Hope it helps

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