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Visual update upcoming 2013

makiimakii noMember Posts: 280

seems like AOW will get a visual update 2013



  • darker70darker70 stokeMember Posts: 803 Uncommon
    Just trying this now  actually pretty impressed as for one thing the graphics are pretty darn good as is one to watch out for in the future a possible slow burner,although the Euro named  version Age of Wulin will be my prefered service at or after beta.


  • CnameCname KinabaluMember Posts: 200 Uncommon
    Originally posted by makii
    seems like AOW will get a visual update 2013

    Thanks for linking my upload here :)

    "A game is fun if it is learnable but not trivial" -- Togelius & Schmidhuber

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCMember Posts: 3,275
    Looks very nice.
  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAMember Posts: 4,301 Uncommon
    Sounds good.  BUT, let me know when the UI and controls get an overhaul, otherwise this one is dead in the water to me.
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