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Forced dailies?

PhilssPhilss montreal, QCPosts: 433Member

So i didint play WoW since may ( been playing diablo 3 casualy ) and i kinda want to give a go .


Ive watched the forum and everyone is talking about how you are forced to run dailies in this expension , is this true?


Because i hate doing dailies i just cant stand doing quest after the horrible quest grind from leveling , can anyone tell me how does it work now??


  • PhoenixC13PhoenixC13 Sonoma, CAPosts: 119Member Uncommon
    No you dont have to but if you want rep you need to do dailies.  If you PVE you will either grind dalies or doungens.   Or both.

  • PhilssPhilss montreal, QCPosts: 433Member

    So basically , you cant get rep from tabard anymore???


    What do you get from rep anyway? epic? head and shoulder enchant?

  • korrabiskorrabis Louisville, KYPosts: 19Member

    No, you do dailies and get like 2 valor points.  lol  Then you have to use your valor points at the Quartermaster to get some blue gear. No tabards anymore, and no head and shoulder enchants like they used to have. Seriously.


    I'm playing but I refuse to do dailies like that, I find them so boring. I am just leveling a new toon for now, will probably drop the game soon. The new area looks cool, but its more of the same really. The grind now feels like its way too much though.

  • grouchomarxgrouchomarx Milwaukee, WIPosts: 19Member

    I'm working Tillers/Anglers on the Druid, Klakki on the Pally and Golden Lotus on my Hunter.  Tillers is a must for cooking if you want good buff food for your characters.  You need to be honored with Klakki to get some of the Blacksmith patterns like the belt buckle.   You don't have to go all the way to exalted unless you want something specific like the flying mount.

    Supposedly, Golden Lotus has some 463 ilvl items if you grind the rep all the way.  However, this is the same ilvl that drops from Heroic dungeons.

    So no, you don't have to do dalies if you don't want to.  It just depends on whether you want a specific reward from said faction.  I want the farm and more dirt spots from the Tillers and the fishing raft from Anglers.

  • NetspookNetspook OsloPosts: 1,565Member Uncommon

    No, you're not forced to do dailies, but it feels like you are, because they're everywhere in Pandaria.

    Imo, MoP is the worst of all the expansions. It's just more of the same with very little new stuff, and most of the development of end game contents seems to have been spent on adding insane amounts of dailies. Even the anticipated 5.1 patch which was said to focus on the conflict between the horde and the alliance, turned out to mainly be just another quest hub for dailies.

    Dailies caused me to cancel my subs, so it goes without saying that I don't recommend MoP to someone who hates them.

  • saintriku92saintriku92 Posts: 48Member Uncommon
    gotta do dailies if u want valor gear/ other epics for finishing rep. nuff said.
  • AzrileAzrile Houston, MDPosts: 2,582Member

    It really depends on what you want to do in the game.

    For instance, you can run heroic dungeons, kill the world bosse, and run LFR without doing dailies.  It will probably take you a little longer to qualify for LFR, but you can always buy stuff from the AH.

    If you raid and are in a normal raid, you can just raid, and do some heroics dungeons to cap VP.  Then use the VP to upgrade your drops from the raid.

    If you are a hardcore, server first type guild, then yes, you will want to do dailies to gear up as quickly as possible.

    If you pvp, you don´t need to do dailies.

    If you want all the vanity mounts, then you have to do dailies... every faction has a few vanity mounts at exalted.


    The real problem with ´dailies´  was mostly just the first one, Golden Lotus.  At launch, the mobs were fairly tough, and EVERYONE was trying to tag and kill the same mobs, which made it very slow.  After a week or two with golden lotus, the dailies became much more fun with the other factions.

    In 5.1, they added another faction for each side.. those dailies( about 5 per day) are much more fun, and at random times during your grind, you will get some really cool side-story quests that advance the overall story of the expansion.  There are also 5 sets of dailies with that faction, so you can basically go a week without doing the same ones twice.

    The other ´real´ problem with dailies is Blizzard removed the cap..  many people made the mistake of thinking this meant you ´had´ to do all 50 dailies to keep up with everyone else.  But because of the way valor works with this expansion.. there was never any reason to do more than about 7 dailies per day.  There are some factions where 7 dailies will take you about 5 mins.

    I say all the time that the people who hated dailies in MoP were the people who were math-impaired and couldn´t figure out how valor interacted with dailies.  I did 7 dailies per day, and I guarantee you that I had every item that the people who did 50 per day had.  the 1000 VP cap per week guaranteed it.

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