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Beta road map + Nico Nico live event (japanese)

Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member Common

First this is the link to the Live event that happened in Japan for FFXIV:ARR and interviews with Yoshi-P and staff. its all in japanese

And a Photo chart of the revised road map from Beta

 with this timeline we are looking for release at max July and min mid April going by this chart . I would guess in the middle sometime in mid may or early june. Guild Website and Recruitment link


  • VanadromArdaVanadromArda Hot Springs Village, ARPosts: 445Member
    $25 they'll release world-wide on PS3 in August 2013. They'll encounter a brief delay with the PS3 version which will push the release to Late Summer/Fall.
  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALPosts: 1,816Member Uncommon
    Can't take that bet as it may prove to be true. : )
  • MagiknightMagiknight McKinleyville, CAPosts: 782Member Common
    Thanks for the update.
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