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how do you get a pass?

CollaborCollabor Los Angeles, CAPosts: 37Member Uncommon

i downloaded the game and made a free account. do i need to purchase the deluxe to play beta? i loaded the game and tried to log in but it said i did not have a pass...advice is much appreciated as I would like to check this game out.

thanks in advance!


  • GormokGormok memphis, TNPosts: 379Member
    All you have to do is create an account on the website and you'll get 10 hours of free time, after that it'll be 1 hour a day unless you buy the DE. Which would give you unlimited access, however I would not bother with purchasing the DE since the game is free to play when it launches in Feb.  With the way they handled the elite edition vs the DE the price really is not worth it, because you get less for 20 bucks vs those that paid 10 bucks a few months ago. That's of course is just my opinion, but I would never pay for a free to play game's beta.
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