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Fallout 3 question

CabalocCabaloc Fort Pierce, FLPosts: 116Member
Thinking about getting this, see it for under 12 bucks on steam. Do you need a beefy pc to run this medium settings ? hows the overall gameplay ?


  • AlminieAlminie Silent hill, NYPosts: 109Member
  • CabalocCabaloc Fort Pierce, FLPosts: 116Member

    I tried that site before and I forget which game it was but I passed with flying colors on recommended settings only to find out after purchase I could barely run it on minimum settings . so just want to get some feedback from others who might have it .

    Thanks though

  • AlminieAlminie Silent hill, NYPosts: 109Member

    what are you system specs?


     Fallout 3 system requirements

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    provided you have a system that is using tech from atleast 2yrs ago you shouldnt be too troubled by fo3 or nv until you start adding graphic boosting mods. i run nv just fine with an evga 240 card and 4gb or ram. only bogs down when i add stuff like settler mod or other stupid graphic eye candy junk that adds too much shit on the screen at once.

    i wouldnt suggest playing on a laptop though as it might be a tad too heavy for that.

    CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU 860 2.8GHz
    Evga GeForce 670 FTW
    Evga P55 SLI


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