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Is it any good now? RIFT

hobbitpimphobbitpimp augusta, GAPosts: 17Member Uncommon

Hello there, I played rift at launch for about 2 months but quickly became tired of the game. I felt it was super repetative and the running around doing the rift thing got old after about 500 times. I have heard here and there that the game is pretty desent now and if you need a fix for fantasy it will do it for you. I am curious as to your opinions on the current state of the game before I go back and give it another wirl. Is it improoved upon or just lipsticked up? How is the population?How are the bug problems?Does it require me to play for hours on end to get stuff done or can I be a little more casual?

Anyways Just wanting your opinions on this topic.

I miss the massive in MMO.


  • Four0SixFour0Six Missoula, MTPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    I'm back to Rift.

    There is a TON of new content with StormLegion.

    To answer you repeditive question....All games will fall into this catagory after a peroid of time.

    If housing is your thing Rift has teh Dimensions now, they are instanced, but you have full creative licence to do what you like with it.

     Edit: You can preaty much blast through the levels if you want with dungeon ques, and PvP queues, also there are the new Instant Adventures, you que for these too. They are just quests though, that scale to group size, about every 5-7 you get a boss to kill, good fun.

    I'm on Faeblight and we seem to have a decent population.

  • skamperskamper Houston, TXPosts: 252Member

    It's more of the same really from 50-60. I find myself barely able to even login and I'm only 55. Questing in the game has become, do your story mission and do these "carnage" and "onslaught" quests on the way. Which are literally just kill 16 of every type of monster in the zone. They try to hide it but meh. I will probably cancel my sub and wait till they nerf the leveling exp requirements.


    Zone events are basically the same, rifts are basically the same, quests are the same, dungeons are the same. There's just more new stuff now.


    Dimensions are cool for about 10 minutes unless you're REALLY into stuff like The Sims.


    Instant adventures are more or less dead now while leveling unless you play during prime time.


    Completing a dungeon or winning a warfront gets you right around a bar or less exp. Storm Breaker protocol is the worst dungeon ever made in any mmorpg. While it's easy to most of us, it is pathetically impossible to others. And you need 5 people to complete it. Half the time it bugs out too and you can't complete the last boss.

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