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Mercantile focused turn based strat game?

slowpoke68slowpoke68 Chicago, ILPosts: 468Member Uncommon

In the mood to play a turn based strategy game but am looking for one that focuses more on trading and diplomacy rather than combat.

In my years of gaming going back to the mid 90s I have never really tried the Sim City type games either.

Just looking for something different from rpgs, mmos, fps etc.

I have played games like Civilization, Alpha Centauri, Total War etc.

In poking around a little on the net I saw Settlers 7, Dawn of Discovery and a game called East India Company.  I just started looking though.

Like I say, I have neglected this genre and am looking for some expert opinions.


A game I really enjoyed was way back on the NES, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


  • SilmapelikoneSilmapelikone Posts: 179Member Uncommon
    Patrician 3. It's not turn based game but by adjusting the time settings you can slow it down, fast forward etc. I really recommend this old gem if you like trading/tycoon games.
  • OrenshiiOrenshii InYourDreams, KYPosts: 61Member

    Not a MMO or even modern really, But you should look into the game "romance of the Three kingdoms" great

    turn based politics etc.




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